Dealing With The Withdrawal Symptoms

You realized that smoking will only bring distraction to your health upon understanding the danger of nicotine to the body. You pondered, and decided to change for the better; however, the symptoms of withdrawal feels like a disease that make things hard for you, and you are in the verge of getting back to the health habit. Will you continue quitting puffing, or you will move forward and find ways to get yourself out of the bondage of smoking addiction?

The question above is very tough challenge faced by smokers who decided to leave the vice for a better self. However, it discontinuing the habit is never a piece of cake, and it embody a strong will to prevent self from being tempted. Nicotine is an addictive drug, and the feeling it leaves to your body as you smoke is something that you would want to always be in your system. The habit of smoking is very strong, as it does not only impact on your mind, but also, it already became a habit that is a part of your daily routine. If you feel like giving in to temptation, think twice, there is a thin line in between liberation and destruction. There still are ways, and trying may help you win your battle against cigarette smoking.


The Stop-Smoking Plan

Nicotine withdrawal is a miserable experience, so you need to make a plan to resume what you have started. Below are ways to help yourself from the strong-hold of the addiction.

Help To Quit From Smoking

Cutting Back

There is no such thing as getting things done in a blink of an eye. You are not trying your luck here for  quitting involves a process.  It might be that you are having difficulties  adjusting yourself with the loss of smoke is because you did stop abruptly. In quitting, you need to take it one step at a time, minimize your cigarette intake daily, but do not make it too slow that it will take you months to stop entirely.

Understand The Situation Better

You can help yourself if you will. Try to educate yourself more about the symptoms you may encounter, consult your doctor about the condition, and inform your family and friends about your dilemma. Their support is what you need at the moment. There are four ways to quit smoking for good . To win the habit, you need to prepare the day you quit very well.

Preventive Measures

Fight the urge to smoke through activities that will prevent you from the habit. Having substitute will help a lot, candies and mint drops are good alternatives. You can also try using electronic cigarettes since it is not dangerous to health. Try to live a more active lifestyle by exercising, or doing things you enjoy the most. You can play video games, organize your photos, drawing, or anything that will put your focus into. Cravings usually do not linger if your mind will be busy on a particular task. Remember cravings just pass, and you might be surprised that cigarette smoking has completely left your system.

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